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At Davalos Defense Law Firm, our entire practice is devoted to defending the rights and best interests of those accused of crimes. We know that criminal allegations can heavily impact your life. These accusations, arrests, and charges can affect your family, your social connections, your job or career, and create enormous uncertainty about your future. Your friends and coworkers may not look at you the same way anymore. You may face doubt, gossip, and even disapproval by others even before you ever have your day in court. 

Criminal charges can be one of the most difficult experiences you will ever undergo. That is why you need an ally on your side who knows the law, the court system, and how to build strong defenses. That is what you will find with Attorney Jacqueline Davalos and her team. At our firm, we care. We put everything we have into helping you reach the best possible result through intense investigation into the facts and by attacking weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. 



Attorney Jacqueline Davalos brings a strong background of experience to your defense case. Her experience includes working in a public defender’s office, bench hearings, preliminary hearings, and jury trials covering all types of misdemeanor and felony charges. She works hard to get optimum results, whether it is a case dismissal, reduced charges, reduced sentences, probation, diversion programs instead of jail time, or other favorable outcomes. She will take every possible legal avenue on your behalf. 


Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Pasadena, LA County & Orange County

Davalos Defense Law Firm serves those accused of crimes throughout the Southern California region, including all misdemeanor and felony offenses. We provide Spanish-language services for the entire Hispanic community. We start by providing you with a free consultation in which you can tell us your story and we can make sure you understand your legal rights. 

Should you retain our firm, we will make a thorough investigation of what occurred in your arrest as well as what you are being charged with. From there we can build your defense case and ensure that you are treated fairly and impartially all along the way. Our ultimate goal is to get you the best possible result. 

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